Our Policy

We invite you to kindly read our clinic policy before starting treatment with us. Please do not hesitate to approach our clinical staff /dentist(s) if you require any clarification or if you have any questions and/ comments. Should you not be satisfied with our responses, we will understand if you decide to seek treatment elsewhere.

Infection Control

We believe that infection control is important to prevent cross contamination of diseases from patient to patient. Therefore, we presoak all our instruments in disinfectant solution after wash and pouch them before we autoclave them. Instruments that cannot be autoclaved undergo cold sterilization procedure. We use disposable cups, bibs, saliva ejectors, needles and cartridges. New polishing brushes are issued to patients for scaling and polishing. The brushes are returned to patients after the treatment. Patients may bring their own brushes for future treatment.


We normally obtain a written consent for treatment from adult patients i.e. above 21 years of age and parents/ guardian of young patients i.e. below 21 years of age.  Consent forms and contract are signed prior to complex treatment e.g. implant placement, any surgery and before orthodontic treatment/braces e.g. bonding up and removal of fixed appliances/braces.

General Procedures


  1. The patient can request for the estimated charges for a particular treatment.
  2. The patient can obtain information on the billing procedures.
  3. The patient can request for the details of billing for an entire series of follow-up treatments without additional costs being levied.


  1. Restorative: The patient will get a free restoration of the same tooth if the restoration done by us dislodges / cracks/ debonds within three (3) months.
  2. Prosthetic: The patient can have as many adjustments on the prosthesis/denture(s) done by us without additional charges within first three (3) months of issuance.
  3. Orthodontics:If a retainer or removable appliance done by us is faulty or fractures within the first 3 months, we will repair/ replace it with a new one free of charge.


  1. We expect patients to arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before their appointment.
  2. We expect patients to wait even though they have made appointments. Fine dentistry takes time and sometimes our dentists are not able to complete treatment on time due to complications. Our dentists will try their best to be punctual with their appointments.
  3. Walk-in patients are only attended to in the event that we consider that it is an emergency (i.e. if there is bleeding) or if a patient slated for treatment at that time cancels the appointment.
  4. We prefer new patients to come and register themselves at the clinic before any appointments are given.
  5. We expect patients to inform us of any cancellation and appreciate it if it is done 1-2  working days before the date of treatment.
  6. We will charge a fee of RM20 for any last minute (within 24 hours) cancellation of appointment.


The Rights of the Patient

  1. The patient is entitled to be informed of his medical condition and of any suggested treatment plan including the costs of the treatment.
  2. The patient is to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.
  3. The patient is entitled to request for and obtain a report of his treatment within a reasonable period after the bill has been settled.
  4. The patient is entitled to ask any questions pertaining to fees or nature of dental treatment at the registration counter.

Pharmaceutical Services

  1. Any medication can only be prescribed to the patient by the registered dentists.
  2. Any drug can only be dispensed when it is prescribed by our registered dentists.

Grievance Mechanism

We welcome any feedback or response from our patients either by meeting in-person, through the telephone, fax, sms or email. We will respond within two weeks depending on the urgency of the complaint. If any of our patients is still dissatisfied with the treatment in our clinic, we will advice him/her to follow the following:guideline to channel the complaint.