Types of Service and Treament Available

  • Consultation
  • Xray Imaging:

Intra oral peri-apical, Orthopantomogram (OPG), Lateral Cephalometric,

Frontal Cephalometric and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

  • Restorations/ Fillings ( silver amalgam, tooth coloured e.g. composite resin, glass ionomer, modified resin cement )
  • Crowns, post crowns, bridges (full ceramic, metal ceramic, full metal, gold alloy)
  • Aesthetic treament (vital tooth bleaching/whitening, non-vital whitening on single or multiple teeth, veneers)
  • Endodontics ( pulpotomy, root canal therapy )
  • Paediatric Dentistry ( simple fillings, pulp therapy and extractions of milk teeth in children )
  • Periodontics ( scaling and polishing, root planing/debridement, various gum procedures e.g. fiberotomy, frenectomy, crown lengthening, soft tissue graft, ridge augmentation )
  • Prosthetics (partial and complete dentures, repair of dentures )
  • Oral Surgery ( extractions, surgical removal of impacted teeth, incision and drainage of abscess )
  • Orthodontics/ Braces ( removable appliances, fixed appliances-conventional and Individual Patient (IP) brackets, orthodontic retainers, temporary anchorage devices (TAD)/mini orthodontic implants for braces )
  • Implant Dentistry ( single implant supported crown, implant supported bridge and denture)

Treatment Fee

We strive to follow the Malaysian Dental Association scale of fees. Patients can request for a quote before any procedure. However, we do not quote a fee through email.


The moment anyone enters our clinic premise, he or she will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff at the reception counter.

Friendly crew                             Our friendly crew (from left to right) : Angel, Ina and Cyl

Waiting RoomOur tastefully decorated waiting room

TV areaThe TV area

Kids cornerThe Kids’ Corner

We provide indoor slippers.  In the interest of providing our patients with a better quality experience and overall hygiene in our clinic, all patients’ own footwear is kept outside the clinic premise.

surgery 1First Treatment Room (Surgery)

There are two treatment rooms/ surgeries in our practice. Each has a Belmont dental chair with clean water system using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water attached. The second surgery has a wall mounted Gendex intra oral Xray unit. This surgery is enclosed by an 6 inches thick brick wall and lead proof doors and frames to prevent others who are outside from being exposed to radiation.

Surgery 2

The Second Treatment Room (Surgery)

There is a VaTech PaxFlex 3D Xray unit in the Xray Room cum Office. It is enclosed by an 10 inches brick wall with its door and frame lead lined for prevention of radiation exposure.

CBCTThe 3D Xray Unit

The Sterilisation Room is equipped with two autoclaves:

Steriline B ( B class autoclave ) and Statim ( S class autoclave ), ultrasonic bath and Water Wise water distiller.

sterilisation RSterilisation Room

Other notable equipment in our practice include:

  • Endo-mate and VDW motors for Endodontic treatment using rotary instruments
  • Carl Zeiss and The Swiss Loupes for better view during fine procedures
  • Durr Dental Suction motors
  • Durr Dental dry air Compressors
  • Valedent Light Cure units
  • Amway Air Treatment System
  • GC Capsule Mixers

Our clinic is networked and all dental records are digitally stored for efficiency and easy retrieval.  We strive to educate our patients using our dental education software to create a better awareness of their oral health and wellness.